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Welcome to all Pilots and Cabin Crew

Welcome to Resilient Pilot - a not-for-profit initiative created to help pilots and cabin crew feel supported, keep current and stay connected with the airline industry. 

Whether you are considering an airline career, currently in training or recently qualified or very experienced in your role, it is good to connect with others in our industry during these times; either just to chat, or to seek guidance. 

Wellbeing is at the heart of all we do; our volunteer mentors from around the world are on hand to support you. 

We provide resources for continuous development to help you maintain your skills and competencies.


Most of what we offer is available through our Resilient Crew Room free membership, but you can also opt for our PLUS monthly subscription for discounts and additional benefits.



Together, we are resilient

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The Resilient Pilot Performance Programme

Our team of volunteer pilots and cabin crew and specialist mentors are on hand for you to connect with. They provide mentorship and peer support, but are equally happy to just chat about all things aviation. You set the objectives and we’ll do what we can to help you achieve them.

Our programme aims to keep you current, confident and competent until airline pilot employment opportunities return.

A ‘pick and mix’ training portfolio offering licensing solutions and technical and non-technical workshops to help you upskill and stay up to date.

Our collaborative partners provide access to valuable resources to help maintain and develop competencies. 

#AvTalent focuses on promoting your transferable skills to connect you with interim or permanent opportunities inside and outside of aviation.

Upcoming Events

  • Competency Development Scenario - Group Virtual Workshop: 04 - Potential Threats Returning To Flying (2)
    30 Nov, 10:00 – 11:00 GMT
    Resilient Pilot Virtual CDS
    This task is primarily focused on identifying specific operational threats that pilots may face when returning to flying duties. The scenario incorporates Pilot competencies, including: • Workload Management • Problem Solving & Decision Making • Situational Awareness • Flight Path Management
  • What can a sinking ship tell you about your resilience?
    Wed, 01 Dec
    Resilient Pilot #WednesdayWebinar
    01 Dec, 15:00 – 16:00 GMT
    Resilient Pilot #WednesdayWebinar
    It can tell you a darn sight more than Google and its 49 million hits! Listen to Johanna Hooper share her insights into how you can build YOUR resilience. There’ll be an opportunity to create the building blocks of your personalised resilience-building plan.
  • A320 Lounge - Exploring Performance Limitations from Operationally Challenging Airfirelds
    20 Dec, 10:00 – 11:30
    A320 Lounge Workshop
    This workshop will explore the the challenges pilots face when operating from performance airfields. We'll also discuss threat and error management strategies relating to the failures and inflight turnback options with subsequent actions to enhance decision making and successful outcomes
  • CRM Workshop: Exploring the Relationship Between Workload and Situation Awareness as a tool to Build Resilience
    21 Dec, 10:00 – 12:00 GMT
    Resilient Pilot CRM Workshop
    A joint workshop for pilots and cabin crew to work together to refresh and maintain key CRM skills for effective human performance. It may not be possible to predict exactly how workload will increase as operations re-start, we look at strategies to improve our Situational Awareness.

July 2020

August 2020

June 2020

June 2020

Thank you for creating Resilient Pilot. I have joined multiple webinars and I am being mentored one of your Pilot Mentors. We have completed a number of sessions and they have been very productive. It has been nice to have somebody to ask for advice when I need it.


Tom, First Officer
(recently qualified)

July 2020

I have to say, I was cynical at first but was utterly wrong. This was an excellent opportunity for those of us who haven’t written a CV in 20 years to get up to date. Version 6 of my CV now being written. Many thanks to all.

A330 TRE

August 2020

Talking to my Resilient Pilot Mentor gives me tremendous energy and motivation I wouldn’t have today without your initiative.

Current Pilot
ATR 72-600

October 2020

Although the industry is still struggling, Resilient Pilot is providing the motivation I need to stay up to date with the industry, and more importantly it’s helping me remain positive for the future.

Ali , Recently qualified pilot

Resilient Pilot is once again supporting our charity partner Aerobility in 2021

The Aviators Ball is back in full this November after having to become a virtual event in 2020 because of… well, you know what.

The ball is organised by Aerobility and funds raised go towards the charity. We have set up a just giving page should memebers wish to donate to such a great cause.

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