Wellbeing & Resilience Strategist

Country of residence:             The Netherlands               

Languages:                             Dutch – B1, German – B1, English – Native 

Current role:                            Founder – Rooted in Calm,

Uni degree:                             Bachelors of Business Administration

Specialist field:                       NLP Master Practitioner, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Life and Motivation Coach


Do you have any aviation experience or knowledge? 
My aviation specific experience dates back to 2007 when I began with Fokker, initially with special projects between the Netherlands and China. They developed and manufactured wire harnesses for aircraft. Boeing was my major customer. 

From 2010 – 2013 I worked for Rockwell Collins onsite at Bombardier where I supported C-Series (A220), CRJ, L-Jet and the Global projects. This is interesting because I worked  on the development of many technologies that are currently being trained (HUD, CPDLC etc.). 

In 2013 I began working at Sim Industries which subsequently became LMCFT and finally CAE – CFT. I undertook a series of roles due to the shifts in business direction and leadership; programme management/excellence and customer service, developing the delivery of customer support. 

Finally, I moved to the CAE training centre in Amsterdam, spending three years as Regional Sales Manager – Africa & Europe. My key responsibility was training delivered at our centres or under our ATO, primarily working with HoTs and DFOs. During this time I was also the global manager for the A220 customers under the joint venture with LAT, known as Flight Training Alliance – I worked with airlines to develop and execute entry into service training programmes.  

Which specialist skills are you able to offer through Resilient Pilot? 
I am a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach as well as a Certified Life and Motivation Coach. I help people make sense of how they got to where they are today, literally and figuratively. This understanding of the past and present allows for mental clarity to make decisions for their future and lead a more intentional life. I am also fluent in aviation (including successful completion of ground school) which I think lends well to support pilots during these challenging time. 


Why do you think these will benefit the pilot community? 
Like many pilots in the community, I myself was faced with redundancy and the subsequent uncertainty it presents. I see this (now) as a pivotal turning point: It allowed me to take stock of what is important and how I wanted to navigate my future. I believe by combining my aviation know-how and passion with my desire to help people create calm in their lives will benefit the pilot community immediately and for the long term. Through helping them make sense of their map of their world they will be able to gain the clarity required to make the difficult decisions that are upon us. Three examples would be – 1. for those pilots that know they are ready to make a change, I will work on goal setting. 2. For those planning to continue when opportunities allow, I will work with them on their mental fitness and help them to cultivate calm. 3. For any pilots currently in training or flying and suffering survivor's guilt we will focus on their map of the world. Understanding how their survival impacts themselves and those around them, reframing the guilt and discussing empathy. 


What else?  
At both CAE and Rockwell Collins I provided mentorship to colleagues both formally and informally. This included career development, critical conversations and strategies for negotiating. I am also on the board of connecting women, a platform that is geared for just that – social connection but has provided an opportunity to mentor women, namely expats that are unsure of their next step or role in this international environment. 


On a personal note, I believe that mentoring at Resilient Pilot brings all my skills under one roof and allows me to tap into my deep seeded passion for people and aviation. We toss around words around like resilience and grit a great deal these days, I truly understand what each of them mean for me and how beneficial they can be for pilots specifically. Plus I bring with me an abundance of empathy. 

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