As we all know only too well, the airline industry has been hit particularly hard by COVID-19. 

According to IATA - ‘financially, 2020 will go down as the worst year in the history of aviation. On average, every day of [2020] will add $230 million to industry losses.’ As a result, thousands of airline personnel – including approximately 60,000* pilots and many more cabin crew worldwide - have been made redundant at a time when airline recruitment is predicted to stagnate for several years. Sadly, 2021 is following a similar pattern, although there are some signs of recovery with some of our colleagues returning to flying jobs.


Resilient Pilot and our collaborative partners Flight Pad teamed up in August 2020 to launch a campaign called #AvTalent which encourages recruiters to simply tag opportunities that lend themselves to the many transferable skills airline personnel possess using #AvTalent. 

The campaign goes one step further to ensure all talented airline personnel are similarly recognised. 

Additional hashtags such as - #AvTalent #pilots, #AvTalent #CabinCrew, #AvTalent #GroundCrew, #AvTalent #Engineers, #AvTalent #Ops; etc. will help to fine-tune the competencies recruiters desire. Those with aviation talent simply need to follow the hashtag to easily spot jobs where recruiters recognise your talents.


Visit our #AvTalent Jobs Board for opportunities to utilise transferable skills in other industries either for interim or long term roles.


(NB you need to be a Resilient Pilot or Resilient Crew member of the Resilient Crew Room to be able to access the jobsboard). 


© #AvTalent is copyright of Resilient Pilot Limited ™ 

Resilient Pilot supports and approves the use of #AvTalent by businesses and individuals for the purposes detailed above.  Should you wish to promote opportunities through Resilient Pilot or utilise #AvTalent for other purposes, please contact us via hashtagavtalent@resilientpilot.com . Thank you


*Based on CAE 2017 figures of 290,000 airline pilots worldwide and 20% being made redundant or retiring early and IATA expectation of return to 2019 levels by 2023

Transferable Skills for Pilots - Launch of #AvTalent
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