A330 Senior First Officer


Previous airline/s: Thomas Cook
Previous/Additional role/s :CRMi
Uni degree? Law
Airline training route:  Integrated  ATPL(f) through CTC Wings Scheme
ATO/s attended: CTC

Why did you want to become a pilot? 

I’ve always loved travel and am fascinated by worldwide cultural differences.  I also always loved the thrill off travelling on aircraft and so I decided to combine the two and become a pilot.

How did you fund your training?

  HSBC professional studies loan

Was training a breeze or did you find it a challenge?

It was a challenge, but incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.  The flying is great fun and the time passes really quickly.  You form a great bond with other trainees and they really helped me through the course.

What was most challenging?

ATPL exams, specifically navigation. 

I do not have a scientific or mathematical background so I struggled with some of the scientific and mathematic principles.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

Travelling the world and getting to visit different countries and experience different cultures.  I have been fortunate enough to walk the Great Wall of China one week and be skiing and mountain biking in California the next.  My wife was former cabin crew for the same airline and we would often bid for trips to see the world together.

What is most challenging about your job? 

Jetlag and achieving a sensible personal/work life balance can be a real challenge.  You have to accept you may miss some events.  Weekend working can also be a regular occurrence.  The shift work and long shifts can often be a bonus though, you tend to get more time off than the average job and that can be great.  I am used to the changing shifts now and actually can’t imagine going back to a 9-5 lifestyle.

Which Pilot Competencies are of most interest to you?

  It is difficult to single out one competency.  I believe they all work together to create the best outcome.  However, if I had to highlight any, it would be communication and workload management.  


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