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June 2023

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Resilient Pilot presents our pioneering, CAAi-funded, Virtual Resilience Development Programme integrating competency based training and assessment (CBTA) with continuous personal and professional development. 

Funding is available for 20 pilots to join the 12-month programme from July 2023

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This competency-based programme brings together the experience and expertise of Resilient Pilot's mentors, coaches, CRMTs CBTIs and TRI/Es to provide you with a pioneering, virtual experience that aims to enhance your continuous development, self-evaluation skills, resilience and - ultimately - operational performance and safety.

Our virtual programme offers monthly learning and development opportunities either via one to one mentoring/ coaching, sharing professional best practice during workshops, or via scenario based training and development delivered by our team of qualified Competency Based Training Instructors (CBTi). Pilots will have the opportunity to self assess using pioneering evidenced based software "Quantum' created by Use Before Flight (UBF). The total systems competency based approach is designed to ensure continuous performance based learning and development.

What are the key elements of the programme?

  1. Introduce a self-evaluation methodology identified by ICAO as 10th Competency

  2. Monthly workshops to develop technical and non technical competency

  3. Monthly Virtual Scenario Based Training (SBT) delivered by CBTis to improve Competence, facilitating effective self evaluation and tailored development

  4. Introduce TEM for both developing personal and professional resilience countermeasures

  5. Mentoring and Coaching to develop Personal Countermeasures and improve Confidence

  6. Weekly Webinars an events to maintain industry Connection

  7. CAAi Virtual Human Factors Application in Aviation Course

  8. CAAi Virtual Pilot and Peer Assistance Course

  9. Course completion certificate registering 120 hours CPD

What are the benefits of the programme

  1. Pilots who have been displaced or disengaged from the industry can follow the programme to re-establish their Knowledge Skills and Attitudes (KSAs) - Competence, and prepare for re-entering the industry.

  2. Developing a thorough understanding of Professional Competencies and Personal Countermeasures will result in improved resilience and have long term career benefits. Pilots will feel competent, confident and connected enhancing performance and safety

  3. The convenience of virtual training and development makes the course accessible and achievable for only a few hours’ commitment each month.

  4. The course can fit around family and professional commitments facilitating involvement and career enhancement.

  5. Understand the importance of CBTA as a continuous annual programme

We have adopted the widely industry implemented Threat and Error Management TEM philosophy as our model to empower pilots to assess both personal and professional Threats, Errors and Undesired Stated focussing on Personal Countermeasures and  Professional Competencies to build their overall Confidence + Competence + Connection = Resilience.

Our Resilience Model below provides the basis for all of our virtual learning and development activities with pilots expected to constantly assess where they are and identify Countermeasures to develop their own Resilience.


We have 15 places available, the following criteria shall be used to select the candidates who will gain the most benefit from the  programme:

  1. The programme is open to all Global Applicants

  2. ATPL flight training in progress or experienced pilot who has been displaced and is actively seeking employment.

  3. The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate an interest and enthusiasm for self-development.

  4. The successful candidate should demonstrate motivation and give evidence of determination to succeed.

  5. The successful candidate shall be asked to explain what they hope to gain from being included as part of the program.

  6. The successful candidate will be expected to commit to the 12-month program, this will consist of 5 hours per month of CBTi facilitated virtual scenario training.

  7. Successful candidates will automatically become Resilient Pilot Members and benefit from all the RESILIENT Membership features

  8. The successful candidate will be expected to participate in self-evaluation exercises and also be asked to give constructive feedback to help improve the program.

  9. The successful candidates will be expected to enrol onto mentor/coaching and can select one of the EMCC trained Resilient Pilot Mentors.

Please apply using the form below.

The application window will close on 20th May 2023 and the programme will commence on 1st June 2023.

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