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Through our mentoring relationships we have received feedback that pilots are concerned about maintaining their competencies, so our mentors have created a series of Competency Development Scenarios (or CDS) to help you in your 360˚ Self Development Journey.

A CDS is a scenario developed to enable you to maintain and develop your CRM-based skills, along with the core pilot competencies as laid out and recognised by IATA*.

We release a new scenario each month for use by our Resilient Crew Members. They are mentor-led, 1:1 or Group ‘Zoom’ workshops and can be tailored to all pilot experience levels.


  • 45-60 mins duration

  • Analysis of faults / events / situations which require utilisation of the core pilot competencies

  • Multiple choice questions with no “right”/”wrong” answers but optimal choices leading to points for discussion

  • Ability to self-evaluate against pilot competencies


To book a CDS, you need first to become a member of the Resilient Crew Room.

Resilient Pilot (free) membership will entitle you to CDS workshops 1-3. Resilient Pilot Plus membership will give you access to unlimited monthly CDS. 


For more information and to book please email and we will connect you with one of our CDS Mentors who will then get in touch to arrange a suitable date and time for your CDS to take place.


Not a member of the Resilient Crew Room yet?


Already a member?                                                         




We recommend the CDS are used in conjunction with the Resilient Pilot Resource Hub to help LEARN, DEVELOP, PRACTICE or EXPAND  your competencies based on your personal self-evaluation.

* Guidance for Post-COVID Restart of Operations: CBTA Training Solutions


Use of Resilient Pilot’s CDS and other resources is subject to our Terms and Conditions

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