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Developing your Confidence

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Our team of volunteer pilots and cabin crew and specialist mentors are on hand for you to connect with as part of our free membership. Through your relationship with your mentor/coaches and by using the Self Assess feature in Quantum, members will identify key countermeasures that will develop and build your Personal Confidence. Quantum will give an indication of which Personal Countermeasures to prioritise. The evidenced based approach will result in an average Personal Confidence value

We have created a personal countermeasure framework using the same principles as our professional competency framework. These were created by a steering group consisting of aviation professional and psychologists to provided us with a basis for evidenced based confidential mentoring and coaching. 

Our Key Activities to Develop Your Confidence


Self Assess

Empower pilots to self assess personal countermeasures to develop confidence

Members will have access to Quantum to identify key personal countermeasures for continuous development during mentoring and coaching sessions. The evidenced based system provides key areas to focus development.


Embark upon your journey the Resilient Pilot way

Join our organisation and embark upon your journey to resilience development. we will introduce you to our pioneering continuous evidenced based system

Peer Support 

Always available should pilots require more professional intervention for personal issues

We have partnered with CAP who are world leading peer support providers to ensure our members have access to regulated Peer Support if required

 Evidence based One-to-one confidential mentor/coaching  

Monthly Mentoring & Coaching

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