Keeping You Current

Our 'Current' services are designed to help you maintain your skills and knowledge even without the support of an airline or training provider; for example during periods of furlough, redundancy or awaiting employment opportunities.


We have created a growing portfolio including our Resource Hub and Competency Development Scenarios , Skills Refresher Days and pilot performance programmes; as well as virtual technical and non-technical workshops to help pilots and cabin crew retain competencies and up-skill. 

Our team can also arrange standalone LPCs and other licensing solutions,


Much of what we offer is free but, where fees are incurred, we have done our best – together with collaborative partners  - to keep costs to a minimum. 

We are approved providers for the UK’s Department of Work and Pensions giving access to funding for eligible pilots and crew, and our goal is to facilitate access to other funding routes where we are able. more

‘Plus’ members of our Resilient Crew Room also benefit from discounts where fees apply.

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Our dedicated team will be happy to assist Resilient Pilot members with the following licensing solutions. 

Resilient Pilot 'Plus' members are entitled to 5% discount on Refreshers, Re-validations and Renewals and 50% discount on Technical and Non-Technical Workshops delivered by Resilient Pilot.

  • Skills Refresher Days

  • LPC Refreshers, Re-validations and Renewals

  • Type Ratings

  • TRI Courses

  • Competency Development Scenarios

  • Technical and Non-Technical Workshops

  • Class 1 Medical Renewal/Revalidation *

Currently our sim centre partner locations are all A320/B737 and in the UK. However, if you are interested

in different types and locations, please just drop us an email 

*Annual medicals can be arranged through our collaborative partners detailed here and are also included in our pilot performance programme

Funding Required? Funding may be available through the DWP for those resident in England.

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Please complete and submit our enquiry form or contact us on and our
dedicated team will be happy to assist.

All prices quoted will include VAT at the prevailing rate, but will not include any Regulatory fees levied by the appropriate Authorities.

Currently our sim centre locations are all in the UK