Moving Pilots Closer to Work

This page is specifically for UK DWP Job Coaches to help you, help pilots move closer to work

Welcome to Resilient Pilot: This page has been created specifically with UK DWP Job Centre Plus Coaches in mind to enable you to assist pilots seeking DWP funding support in order to maintain their skills and help them move closer to work.


Resilient Pilot is a not for profit, largely volunteer-run organisation established in the wake of COVID-19 to provide support for the pilot and cabin crew communities. Learn more


1000s of pilots have been made redundant as a direct result of COVID. IATA predicts a recovery to 2019 levels in 2023.

The sustainability and recovery of the sector is paramount to the UK’s economic recovery and this demographic will play a pivotal role. In order for pilots to be ready for a return to work, they need to maintain key skills and competencies in the interim.


To ensure operational readiness, Resilient Pilot - together with training partners - has created two bespoke, regulated, DWP recognised pilot performance programmes, as recommended by the UK CAA and Aviation Skills Retention Platform:

Type Rated: for those pilots who are fully qualified and what we call ‘type rated’ which means they are licensed to operate a specific type of aircraft


Non-Rated: for those who have not yet completed a type rating – normally recently qualified fATPL*, MPL* or CPL/IR* holders.

*These are the different licence types a commercial pilot may hold:

fATPL: frozen Airline Transport Pilot's Licence (so called 'frozen' until the pilot accumulates sufficient hours - normally 15,000 to 'unfreeze' their licence and be eligible for Command opportunities);

MPL: Multi-crew Pilot's Licence (also a recognised airline pilot licence, specific to a particular airline and aircraft type);

CPL/IR: Commercial Pilot's Licence with Instrument Rating (which normally requires one more phase: often called the APS MCC - Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Co-operation certificate - prior to joining an airline).


Importantly, these programmes provide for long term support (up to 12 months) and include licence renewals/re-validations as well as the annual medical. The DWP’s  funding is highly suited to these programmes and/or for pilots who are long term unemployed and/or on Universal Credit. 

However, some pilots may opt for a shortened version of the programme for various reasons; in which case the LVP funding may be suitable (for programmes of up to 16 weeks)

Alternatively, for various reasons, pilots may opt to do shorter ‘modules’ such as a Skills Refresher Day or go straight into revalidating or renewing their licence by doing a Licence Proficiency Check (LPC) ... or the two together. The DWP’s Low Value Provision (LVP) funding may be better suited for these lower value options.

Next Steps: If you have a client who is looking for either of these DWP funding options, then please contact your District Manager to progress their application.

If your client has specific requirements, or you are just not clear about how it all works, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us: we’re just as keen as you to be able to help unemployed pilots get airborne

DPS2 Provision
LVP Provision
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