ATOs attended:

Willowair Flying Club (Southend Airport) 2002-2005
Oxford Aviation Training 2006-2007

I started flying at the age of 15 after my parents bought me a trial flying lesson at my local airfield for my birthday. From that moment onwards, flying became a passion of mine. Initially just flying on weekends, I realised that I wanted to become an airline pilot as my profession, so after completing my A-levels in 2005, I applied to Oxford Aviation Training. After 18 months flying both in Oxford and in Goodyear, Arizona, I was fortunate to receive a job offer from British Airways based out of London Heathrow Airport on the short-haul A320 fleet. I flew for 7 years on short-haul before changing fleet to my current A380 long-haul fleet. Flying aeroplanes is both my profession and passion, and one I hope to continue with for the rest of my life.

I am also Resilient Pilot's Fitness and Nutrition Manager.


A380 Senior First Officer

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