Join The Resilient Pilot Team

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We are looking for 4 people to join our team on the UK Government's Kickstart Scheme. This allows for young people on Universal Credit to get a career start and 6 months' paid work experience with recognised organisations. Resilient Pilot is proud to be approved by the Kickstart Scheme and we are currently looking to fill the following vacancies; all of which would be ideally suited to a recently qualified pilot or passionate aviator 

Resilient Pilot Performance Programme Assistant

Resilient Crew Room Administrator

Social Media and Events Specialist

Technical Administrator - LMS

Click on the job/s you are interested in for more details of the role, criteria and working arrangements

Join Our Mentor Team

We are always looking for pilots and crew to volunteer their time to mentor and coach our members here at Resilient Pilot.

Our mentors and coaches are based all around the globe and each one of them offers something different to ensure we are able to provide as wide a range of support for our members as possible.

The most important eligibility requirement is a genuine desire to help and support pilots and cabin crew. You need to be respectful of the need for confidentiality, serious about ensuring you have the correct skills (and we do provide training) and have the ability to listen and help people find the right solution for their personal challenge. We are mentee led, but also have a robust system in place for supporting our mentors. 

For more information on how things work, please read our Mentor Brief