Business Psychologist and Coach                                     


Country of residence: England                                                           

Current role: Self Employed; Work Psychologist/Business Coach

Uni degree: BA (Hons) English, BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc (Hons) Occupational Psychology

Languages: English


Which specialist skills are you able to offer through Resilient Pilot? 

I consider myself a career changer; someone who was a leader in the retail industry and retrained to become a Business Psychologist and Coach. 


My rich and varied career history working at Marks & Spencer over 18 years allowed me to work with teams from different cultural, social and economic backgrounds. Whether in stores, regional or head office roles, managing – and being managed by such a diverse range of people has provided me with a huge bank of experiences to draw on as I support you to reach the outcomes you are looking for. 


As a result of the many transitions I’ve encountered in my personal and professional life, I’ve become pretty adept at handling change. Who I am as an employee; manager, leader, mature student, wife and mother has evolved and I am still learning every day. I know from first-hand experience that it doesn’t have to be the frightening and overwhelming obstacle that some fear it to be. 


Why do you think these will benefit the pilot community?

I believe that this will benefit the pilot community as I can demonstrate real life experience of career change at an unpopular socially perceived age. When I joined Marks & Spencer, I joined for life due to the diversity of available roles. Whilst the decision to leave was my own, which is the point of difference in these conversations, it did not feel like a choice to me. 

I have friends who work in the aviation industry, so I have some small insights into the scale of the challenge which Covid has posed and feel extremely motivated to offer the support I can. 

We live in a global community and without the aviation industry and the talented people who enable this to exist, the world will be less accessible. 


What else?

In my last organisational role at St. Mary’s University I trained as a Mental Health First Aider. This role helped bring together my skills of empathy and active listening which I had learnt in my role as line manager. I have also recently worked with a non-profit organisation supporting them to develop their mentoring scheme.


If we have the opportunity to speak to each other you may find my accent difficult to place. After spending my early childhood in Dundee, I lived predominantly in Durham until I was 20. New Jersey, Manchester and Liverpool were also places I called home, until finally I settled in Twickenham.

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