Current location/base: Huesca, Spain


Airline (current): Contract Flight Instructor 

Previous airlines: ERA (ERJ-145), AeBal (B717), FlyAnt (B737-300-400), Swiftair (B737-300)

ATOs I worked for: Skyborne, Airways Aviation

Previous/Additional roles: Ramp Agent, Handling Ops

Do you speak any other languages? English-Spanish-Mallorquin + a bit of Italian 

Airline training route: Integrated (ICAO 210) ATPL

ATO attended: AeroPalma (Son Bonet LESB). 


Why did you want to become a pilot? 

A long story, but always starts with...when I was 6 my grandma used to take to me to play at Palma Airport....Long summers with dad at his office at Palma airport. Aviation is embedded deep inside of me 

How did you fund your training?

My parents paid for it – I was lucky.

Was training a breeze or did you find it a challenge? 

I was a good student, I was young and it was really enjoyable. Getting through the process of the IR was a bit complicated. 


What was most challenging? 

Dealing with the “old” needs of the examiners. It was another era - there was not too much CRM and I am an strong character myself!


What do you enjoy most about your job? 

Pretty much everything: Aviation is my life. 


What is most challenging about your job? 

Be always ready at a high standard 


Which Pilot Competencies are of most interest to you? 

I am passionate about everything to do with aviation and I am always hungry for new challenges 


Anything else: 

As an LTC and Captain in a number of small airlines I was always talking to young FOs and helping them with their decisions about what to do. It was the same as a FI, and lately with a few friends struggling a bit in their new jobs. Good, long conversations helping to resolve their concerns. I am really open minded and always ready to help and talk about aviation. For 5 years I was also part of the union in one of the airlines I flew with, so my approach to resolving challenges and problems is wide open. 

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