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Why do you need a Mentor/Coach?

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The past few years for the airline industry have probably been the most difficult in history. We weren't flying, we weren't recruiting. Many of us lost our jobs, our careers, our confidence, our income, our way of life, our purpose, and even our joy. For those who aspired to join our industry, confidence was knocked, and doubts set in. How can a mentor or coach possibly help with any of that?  Well, they can, and they have.  


Our Resilient Pilot mentors and coaches are here to help with both the practical and psychological aftermath of what may have happened to you during the pandemic. But don’t take our word for it, here are a couple of real examples of crew that have connected with one of our mentors or coaches:

Pilot A – Start of career

Crisis of confidence, loss of focus, and career doubts. 

Through working with one of our volunteer team, they have become more confident in their own abilities by implementing some simple techniques that their coach invited them to explore. The coach enabled them to focus on the positives even when things have gone wrong and they are being tough on themselves and even doubting the choice they made to become a pilot.  Everything became clearer for them, they now feel more in control and in turn make better decisions and perform on their 'A' game.  

Pilot B – Middle of career

Family to feed, bills to pay. Had to relocate the family from their ex-pat accommodation.  Feeling anxious about what the future holds and unsure of what to do next.  Through working with a mentor they have kept connected with the industry, revalidated their LPC and formulated a plan of action. Their mentor signposted some of Resilient Pilot’s collaborators to help them manage their anxiety and finances, and Resilient Pilot’s CV and recruitment specialist mentor was also introduced and helped out by providing guidance on how to create a non-aviation CV: As a result, they found an interim role that uses some of their transferable skills and has helped enormously with the bills, thus lessening the anxiety.

Pilot C - Tomorrow's airline pilot

Unsure of whether this is still the right career choice for them and concerned about which licence to go for, where to train and which route to follow. Our mentors were able to help complete the research, understand the mixed messaging out there and make an informed decision that was right for this individual. 


There will undoubtedly be a range of responses to the pandemic; we might be in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat.  


There will undoubtedly be a range of responses to the pandemic; we might be in the same storm, but we are not in the same boat.  

Resilient Pilot mentor and coaches can help by providing the below and more...

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Resilient Pilot is proud to have been accredited with The International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching (ISMCP) at Gold Level conferred by European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

We follow a blended approach to mentoring and a growing number of our team are accredited with the EMCC or similar bodies.


Why not give it a try? You can ‘meet the team’ (by browsing their profiles on this website) and see whom you think you’d be best suited to chat with. 


You’ll then just need to join up as a free member of our Resilient Crew Room which will only take a few seconds. You’ll be asked to fill in our ‘choose your mentor’ form and submit it, and we’ll pair you up with one of your preferred mentors or coaches. Then you can go from there…

National Mentoring Day 2021 - Mentoring and Coaching The Resilient Pilot Way

National Mentoring Day

National Mentoring Day

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