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Airplane Pilot Portrait
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Wellbeing & Resilience Mentor

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Airline Pilot Experience:

Most Recent Aircraft Type:

Training Route:

Aviation Specific Degree:







English, German, Dutch


Additional Experience/Qualifications:

ICF, Life Coach, Career Transition, NLP/CBT

Passions, Interests and Experience:

Wellbeing, Mentoring, Coaching


My aviation specific experience dates back to 2007 when I began with Fokker, initially with special projects between the Netherlands and China. They developed and manufactured wire harnesses for aircraft. Boeing was my major customer.

From 2010 – 2013 I worked for Rockwell Collins onsite at Bombardier where I supported C-Series (A220), CRJ, L-Jet and the Global projects. This is interesting because I worked on the development of many technologies that are currently being trained (HUD, CPDLC etc.).

In 2013 I began working at Sim Industries which subsequently became LMCFT and finally CAE – CFT. I undertook a series of roles due to the shifts in business direction and leadership; programme management/excellence and customer service, developing the delivery of customer support.

Finally, I moved to the CAE training centre in Amsterdam, spending three years as Regional Sales Manager – Africa & Europe. My key responsibility was training delivered at our centres or under our ATO, primarily working with HoTs and DFOs. During this time I was also the global manager for the A220 customers under the joint venture with LAT, known as Flight Training Alliance – I worked with airlines to develop and execute entry into service training programmes.

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