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Craig J

Cabin/In-Flight Manager

Airline Experience:

Cabin Crew, Cabin Manager

Most Recent Aircraft Type:

Airbus A320 family/A350/A380
Boeing 777/787

Previous Roles:


Aviation Specific Degree:






Additional Experience/Qualifications:


Passions, Interests and Experience:

Why did you want to become Cabin Crew?

It was a job that had always appealed to me. When travelling or visiting an airport I always felt it would be an interesting and exciting place to work. From a very young age I was interested in the world and different places so the possibility of travelling to see them first hand appealed a lot to me. I was also always drawn to jobs that were customer service based and would allow me to meet lots of different people.

Thinking to the beginning of your career, how did you find your entry into the role?

I remember being incredibly excited when I found out I had got the role. The training was 6 weeks and very intense, with lots to remember and understand. There were what felt like endless scenarios and role plays which definitely took me well out of my comfort zone but there was also a real sense of camaraderie and support amongst the training group. The first few months of the job were hard - it probably took a good 6 months to feel fully confident and comfortable in the role - but overwhelmingly most of my fellow crew were welcoming and supportive.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I would say I most enjoy meeting new and interesting people all the time (both fellow colleagues and passengers) and delivering great service which really makes a difference - people leaving the aircraft commenting that they have enjoyed their flight and felt really well looked after definitely brings a sense of satisfaction. And of course, getting to spend time in some fantastic places and beautiful hotels.

What is most challenging about your job?

Some of the biggest challenges are probably dealing with difficult or disruptive customers, including monitoring those drinking too much alcohol. Covid-19 has also brought additional challenges e.g. enforcing mask wearing, social distancing and many more customers feel stressed and nervous when travelling. Tiredness through jet lag and lack of sleep is another challenge which can prove difficult to manage.

What did you find was the most important part of your job?

One of the most important aspects of the job is team work - how colleagues work together on the day makes all the difference in dealing with different challenges such as those mentioned above and plays a big part of how enjoyable the job can be.

Have you Mentored anyone before?

As an Inflight Manager, mentoring fellow crew forms part of my role, including coaching newer colleagues and managing and supporting the entire crew. In my previous role as a Customer Service Manager I also managed a team of up to 8 Cabin Crew, building a personal relationship with each of them, meeting regularly at 121’s and supporting them in meeting their goals and aspirations.

Finally, why did you want to become a Resilient Crew Mentor?

I would like to become a Resilient Crew Mentor to be able to use my knowledge and experience in helping, motivating and supporting others, as well as simply being there as someone people feel able to talk to regardless of their concern. I have more than 12 years of experience working for British Airways and would love to be able to make a difference to those who need help or advice, particularly in what is a very challenging time for everyone in the airline industry.