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Cabin Crew Training Manager

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Airline Experience:

Most Recent Aircraft Type:

Previous Roles:

Aviation Specific Degree:



Cabin Crew, Cabin Manager, Training Manager - Service

Aircraft flown on: Airbus -A310/300/330/340, Boeing - B727, B777
Trained crew for; Airbus -A310/300/330/340/380, Boeing - B727, B777

Training Specialist-Premium Cabins / Leadership and Service Trainer / Cabin Crew [Flight Purser, Supervisor, First, Business, Economy Crew member]




Additional Experience/Qualifications:

Emirates High Potential Programme – Cranfield University, UK & Emirates Aviation College, Dubai

Passions, Interests and Experience:

Why did you want to become Cabin Crew?

As a hospitality professional, I wanted to continue to provide exceptional service, whilst living and working in a multicultural environment and travelling around the world.

Thinking to the beginning of your career, how did you find your entry into the role?

With education and experience in the hospitality industry, my knowledge and skills were easily transferrable initially. Through global travel, I gained a wealth of knowledge in cultural diversity and working in a multi-cultural environment.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

As a Training Manager the most rewarding part of my role was people development; the learners attending courses and the team I was fortunate to lead and manage.

What is most challenging about your job?

To remain cost effective in a rapid growth environment. Creativity and problem-solving capabilities were key competencies to support the training design and delivery.

What did you find was the most important part of your job?

Leadership and Business Awareness were of key importance in my role to support the people and business success of the airline.

Have you Mentored anyone before?

I mentor/mentored many members of my team and employees. I was chosen to mentor UAE National colleagues. From a personal perspective I have mentored friends and relatives applying for various job roles.

Finally, why did you want to become a Resilient Crew Mentor?

I believe my passion for people development and experience could support this wonderful initiative. During this particular challenging time, having somebody to listen to and provide support is proving to be crucial to people's mental health.

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