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Business and Mindset Mentor

Airline Pilot Experience:


Most Recent Aircraft Type:


Training Route:


Aviation Specific Degree:



English, Scandinavian


UK, Europe

Additional Experience/Qualifications:

Career Transition, Business

Passions, Interests and Experience:

Wellbeing, Aviation Talent, Transferable Skills, Mentoring, Coaching


Which specialist skills will you bring to the Resilient Pilot team? - Entrepreneurship and Mindset.

My purpose is to inspire people to take action for themselves and their own future. We cannot affect the state of aviation or our terms and conditions other than cast our vote at ballots, but we can use the gift we have now been given – time - to start on a self-generated entity that will in time produce a solid income, purpose and confidence for you and your family.

I have mentored two acquaintances who have gone on to start their own businesses. This was both successful and immensely rewarding.

In late 2020 I delivered a webinar for BALPA. In response to the positive feedback received, I started a FaceBook group. The sole purpose of the group is to inspire people to take action and help them in providing information and experience and, therefore, shorten the time spent on making a venture a success.

​Do you have any aviation experience or knowledge?
I am an airline Captain and have been with my current airline for 15 years. Prior to that I worked as a contract pilot for 3 years and also spent 3 years working for SAS in Northern Norway which is also where I attended flightschool.