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Airplane Pilot Portrait
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A320 First officer

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Airline Pilot Experience:

Most Recent Aircraft Type:

Training Route:

Aviation Specific Degree:







English, Sihalese


Additional Experience/Qualifications:


Passions, Interests and Experience:

Mentoring, Coaching, Training, Transferable Skills

Why did you want to become a pilot?

Even I still cannot work out how exactly I fell in love with flying, from the time I picked aeroplanes amongst other toys to realising flying as my purpose of life when I was on my first solo flight. I believe the photographs that my mother kept from the Kuwait Airways flight when she was carrying me to Colombo when I was about a 1-year-old, and growing up as a teen around the Colombo airport looking at aeroplanes are the two main factors that made me passionate initially.
However, on my first solo flight in 2010, even before landing I told myself “this is it”, I want to spend my life doing this. Lately, I realised that I rather would fly passengers at a slower speed to connect people than flying bombs at a higher speed.

How did you fund your training?

Was training a breeze or did you find it a challenge?

What was most challenging?

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What is most challenging about your job?

Which Pilot Competencies are of most interest to you and why?

Leadership and Teamwork (LTW). According to my understanding, LTW is like an umbrella that keeps other competencies under its principles. Once agreed with the crew’s roles and objectives and committed to being a safer team player and a leader, she/he is driven to perform safely on the rest of the competencies naturally. For instance, being situationally aware by thinking ahead with assessing “what ifs” to ensure the safety of her/his passengers, team and the aircraft.

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