Airplane Pilot Portrait
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Cabin Crew Training Specialist / Designated Deputy

Airline Experience:

Cabin Crew, Cabin Manager, Trainer

Most Recent Aircraft Type:

Airbus A380, Boeing B777

Previous Roles:

Air Atlanta Icelandic – Cabin Base Supervisor/Instructor for contract with Saudi Arabia Airlines in Jeddah– A330/B747
Astraeus – Instructor / Purser / Performance Checker – B737/B757
Leisure International – Purser – B737 / B767 / A320 / A321
Britannia – Cabin Crew – B737 / B757 / B767
Air Europe – Cabin Crew Recruitment / Purser – B737 / B757 / Fokker-100

Aviation Specific Degree:





Middle East

Additional Experience/Qualifications:

Instructor Techniques Training
ICAO JAA Training Instructional Certificate
Aviation Medicine Instructor Training
First Aid at Work
Practical Assessor Training for First Aid
Psychological First Aid
Dangerous Goods Shippers Course
Lloyds Shipping Auditing Course
Cabin Crew Recruitment and Assessment Training

Passions, Interests and Experience:

Why did you want to become Cabin Crew?

To keep on discovering after a role as a riding instructor on a summer camp in the USA in 1986. Coming from a small Kent village my appetite for travel and a curiosity for the world ….people, places, culture, food… I wanted to keep on exploring

Thinking to the beginning of your career, how did you find your entry into the role?

I was pleasantly surprised. I had 3 job offers simultaneously – Monarch, Dan Air and Air Europe. I chose Air Europe because I liked the idea of working for a “young” vibrant, expanding airline. The motto “I like to fly with friends” was very true. I met some great people who are still very good friends today, 34 years later. I enjoyed the training immensely – it was new, exciting, an adventure. I could not believe I was actually going to be an “air hostess”. learning everything from how to apply coral lipstick to how to put out a real fire and evacuate an aircraft. The first few months of flying were tiring as I underestimated the physical impact of irregular working hours on the human body but soon got used to sleeping during the day and flying at night. I really enjoyed that every day was different – different passenger profiles, different destinations, laughter and camaraderie amongst a professional dedication.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Working with people from literally across the globe – learning something new every day. Aviation people are “a breed” and regardless of the tough days and ever changing policies and procedures in today’s complex aviation world, there is always time for a bit of laughter and light hearted banter. One part of my job that I really enjoy is knowing that I am part of a worldwide “aviation team” keeping our colleagues and passengers safe. I am proud to be a part of Emirates Airline - a globally recognised brand. After the initial first few “fun” years of flying in the 1980s, I began to see the seriousness of my role and eventually ended up in an aviation safety role. I really enjoy training. I am passionate about people and always aspire to the words of Maya Angelou “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

What is most challenging about your job?

The constant changes to policies, procedures, schedules and the never-ending fast pace of the role within a large and dynamic company, literally hourly sometimes, especially in today’s world.

What did you find was the most important part of your job?

In a heavily regulated industry the most important part of the job is to consistently maintain the balance between compassion of the people and the regulatory compliance of the industry.

Have you Mentored anyone before?

Within my career in aviation I have mentored both officially and unofficially. In my role as a Training Specialist, I have been responsible for mentoring part time instructors in training, part time instructors during Training and Development and Full Time Instructors in their newly appointed roles as CRM instructors.
Prior to my current role, during my freelance years, some of the contracts were specifically for mentoring newly appointed instructors.

As well as the comments above, I have consistently coached Cabin Crew in my role as Purser for the various airlines I have operated for.
During my time in Saudi working for Air Atlanta Icelandic, I conducted the Senior Cabin Crew courses and then operated as a check/support capacity on the B747 during their introduction into their new role.

Finally, why did you want to become a Resilient Crew Mentor?

I have years of experience in the industry and this combined with a genuine passion for people.