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A380 Captain/TRI

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Integrated ATPL

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English, French, German


Middle East

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Aviation Training, Pilot Competencies, Aviation Talent, CRM/TEM

Why did you want to become a pilot?

I was always fascinated by flying, but it never seemed like an achievable goal. As a child I never knew any pilots or had much exposure to the airline world, apart from flight deck visits on holidays and lots of books. Flying just seemed like something interesting, but other than a museum or an airshow I didn’t have much connection to it. Aviation really just faded into the background for many years. I ended up working in the corporate world, but it really wasn’t for me. A family friend took me on a flight in a Piper Super Cub and it rekindled the passion for aviation.

I went off and did a PPL, thinking I’d spend weekdays in the office and maybe get a little bit of flying on the weekends, and that was as far as I thought my career would go. The PPL just hooked me, I fell in love with flying again and it became the reason to get out of bed in the morning. I’d sit at my office desk looking at weather reports and if the sky was blue and a plane was free I’d race from the office to the airfield to go flying. At 25, with a healthy dose of parental encouragement I left my career and went to Oxford to learn to fly.

How did you fund your training?

Was training a breeze or did you find it a challenge?

What was most challenging?

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What is most challenging about your job?

Which Pilot Competencies are of most interest to you and why?

The resilient competencies, particularly workload management. Some competencies can be drilled repeatedly to improve performance, but the resilient ones require a lot of investment from both student and instructor to develop. The soft-skill competencies all interact with each other and a built on reliable foundations of knowledge and procedures, but it’s interesting to see how different people respond to the same situation. From my own experience workload management underpins a lot of the other competencies, because task saturation can inhibit so much of what is happening in the flight deck.

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