Airplane Pilot Portrait
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FO/SFO, Captain

Airline Pilot Experience:

FO/SFO, Captain

Most Recent Aircraft Type:

Airbus A320

Training Route:

Modular ATPL

Aviation Specific Degree:



English, Italian, Spanish



Additional Experience/Qualifications:

Security Instructor, Ground Instructor, Flight Inspector and Examiner, Operations Manager, Lecturer, Evidence Based Training

Passions, Interests and Experience:

Wellbeing, Mentoring, Pilot Competencies, Fitness and Nutrition

Why did you want to become a pilot?

Flying has always been a passion of mine and I've never thought of myself doing a different job. It's something I've always had inside. And having grown up close to an airport continuously listening at roaring airplane engines, it simply fuelled my dream.

How did you fund your training?

Partially supported by my parents at the very beginning and then self-sponsored working at a local IT agency until I got my CPL/IR and first instructor rating. Then working at four different flight schools and as an aerial survey pilot at the same time allowed me to earn enough money to get the theoretical ATPL and MCC course. I got a bank loan for my first type rating on the Boeing 747. From that moment the following ratings have been paid by the different companies/organisations I've been working for.

Was training a breeze or did you find it a challenge?

Definitely a challenge, but rewarding at the same time seeing the results of so many hours of study and "chair flights".

What was most challenging?

The IR part and the ATPL ground school.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Sitting in the cockpit, looking around and thinking what I've achieved with so many years of effort and sacrifices. But also the privileged view we have from our window. I'll always remember what my instructor said to me once during a training flight..."stop what you are doing and look outside the window and enjoy what you see...there are people in the world who will never see this in their entire life".

What is most challenging about your job?

Maintaining your professional performances always at the highest required standards.

Which of the pilot competencies are of most interest to you and why?

I'm very interested in all the EASA core competencies. However I think that:
- Leadership & Team working,
- Communication,
- Problem Solving and Decision Making,
- Workload Management,
- Situational Awareness
are key factors in the modern commercial aviation

Why do you want to become a mentor for Resilient Pilot?

I would like to be a mentor at Resilient Pilot because I'm sure I can use my free time to support other fellow pilots navigate through these very challenging times for the aviation industry.

What do you believe you can offer your mentees?

I can offer the experience, the point of view, and the support coming from a pilot who has been in the aviation industry since 1996. During these years I've done several jobs, from aerial work to instructor, examiner, and airline pilot, so I can cover a wide range of subjects where to chat about.