Resilient Pilot Performance Programme - Non Type Rated Pilots

Resilient Pilot has created a pilot performance programme to help non-rated* pilots – normally newly qualified fATPL or CPL/IR holders who have not yet secured their first airline job - to retain their skills, medical and currency in readiness for job opportunities as they arise.


*If your client is a type-rated pilot please click here for details of Resilient Pilot’s type rated pilot performance programme.


DWP funding may be available to help pilots fund this programme for those who are currently on universal credit.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Resilient Pilot team

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Throughout the programme pilots will have access to:

  • Resilient Pilot’s team of coaches and mentors to help maintain wellbeing and competencies in 1:1, virtual sessions

  • Industry-regulated peer support programmes.

  • Specialists such as Aviation Medical Examiners (AME), Mental Health First Aiders and Occupational Health Psychologists

         To maintain and develop competencies, the                                    programme includes:

  • Bespoke, CAA regulated, professional standards training package delivered by Approved Training Organisation (ATO) partners/sub-contracted suppliers. (8 hours per annum simulator/aircraft training including licence revalidation when required).

  • Annual Medical Revalidation

  • Virtual, monthly mentor-led competency development scenarios to prevent skill and competency decay; and improve resilience and professional development (min 12 hours per annum).

  • Access to bespoke resource hub to further develop and embed competencies and skills.

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Ongoing industry connection and interview preparation:

  • Weekly webinars and monthly wellbeing virtual events with specialist keynotes

  • Personal brand workshop – effectively promote yourself during job searches

  • Transferable skills workshop – recognise and promote transferable skills for interim/alternative employment opportunities

  • Airline Interview preparation workshop – run by experience airline recruitment professionals

  • 1:1 coaching on CV/Cover letter/application tailoring and to consolidate / personalise learning from workshops and create action plan for job finding activities

Performance Outcomes - Airline Operational Readiness