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It’s here you will find details of our upcoming launches and have the opportunity to send in an expression of interest to be among the first to hear the details as they are finalised. If you sign up to our Resilient Crew Room as either a free or subscribed member, you’ll hear the news even sooner! Just visit our Resilient Crew Room for more details

Skills Refresher Day

This is essentially a ‘boot camp’ to keep your hand in or prepare for your LPC. 

A full day at one of our ATO partners. Half technical in the sim, the other half non-tech in the classroom. Non jeopardy – this day is all about exercising and refreshing those skills to help build confidence, competence and, of course, resilience.


The technical module will involve time in an approved Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 fixed base training device with an experienced SFI / TRI. You will spend 1 hr as PF, flying the manual flying exercises that you will complete during your LPC and another hour as your partner’s PM.  

The aim of this session being simply to keep your hand in, or to establish your readiness to complete your upcoming LPC. 

Your instructor will advise you that either you are ready for your LPC or that more training is advisable, therefore allowing you to organise any further training / experience that you may need before you embark on an expensive LPC. (Don’t forget, Resilient Pilot can help with your LPC through our Current Enquiry too)


The non-tech, scenario-based workshop will focus on skills that have been identified by Regulators around the world to be at risk due to lack of operational exposure. The workshop aims to help us better prepare for those startle/surprise unexpected events as we enter a post pandemic world of aviation.


Location: UK only for the moment, but let us know if you live elsewhere in the world and with enough interest we will do our best to roll out elsewhere.

Who’s this for?: Any pilot wanting to keep their hand in, or if you are coming up for an LPC 

When?: First dates will be announced very soon for August 2021.

Costs: We are doing our best to keep the costs as minimal as possible. There’s also the potential of funding for eligible pilots through the UK DWP. Resilient Pilot Plus members will be entitled to a 5% discount


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Non-Tech Workshops

These monthly, virtual workshops will provide an opportunity for pilots and cabin crew to work together to refresh and maintain key CRM skills for effective human performance. The workshops will form part of our 360˚ learning and development programme that encourages our members to take ownership of their personal and professional development while building resilience. The Syllabus will reflect the CRM refresher requirements contained in UK CAA Standards Doc 29 and EASA ORO FC.115


We’ll review relevant case studies, explore holistic wellbeing approaches and foster creative thinking to learn lessons by applying CRM principles to help us better prepare for getting airborne

Location: Virtual - Book through Upcoming Events

Who’s this for?: Pilots and Cabin Crew from around the world, all experience levels

When?: Monthly workshops, last Thursday of each month

Costs: £10. Discounted to £5 with Resilient Crew Room ‘Plus’ Membership discount


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