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For pilots around the world; all types of operation; all levels of experience from aspiring to those with 1,000s of hours.

Resilience is key in today’s industry; it’s a vital characteristic for pilots and a ‘buzz word’ in airline recruitment and training. Resilience is developed by improving confidence, competence and connection. In the absence of the support of the normal working and training environment (eg. during a period of furlough or displacement, and whilst awaiting employment opportunities), Resilient Pilot free Resilient Crew Room  membership gives access to free mentoring and coaching, free webinars and virtual socials and a range of free resources including our Resource Hub - 360 and Competency Development Scenarios - 360 to help develop effective strategies to maintain competency and confidence, and build resilience.  A monthly subscription to the Resilient Crew Room through Resilient Pilot Plus unlocks a wider portfolio of benefits including discounted workshops.


Pilots of all experience levels can access mentoring/coaching, resources, workshops, licensing solutions (as well as potential funding solutions in the UK), virtual events and industry connections through the Resilient Crew Room


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