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Updated: Jul 5, 2021

26 February 2021

London, UK 7pm

What now..?

A question that many of us have contemplated over the past 12 months.

Most people will experience some sort of deviation from their imagined trajectory in their lifetime, a disruptor to the ‘life plan’. As pilots, we’re taught to problem solve, review and reset our expectations when the expected becomes the unexpected; diverting when prudent to do so. But what if life was a similar ‘journey’?

Is the solution so binary?

Getting comfortable in our success and forgetting that sometimes the physics of life can go bendy and unpredictableis something we’re all guilty of. As human beings, we’ve consistently adapted to make our surroundings more comfortable to live in, but often change is hard to accept - particularly when it is abrupt. Adapting to these ‘curveballs’ can seem overwhelming and difficult to contemplate, especially when the solution isn’t so forthcoming.Throw in a global pandemic, border closures and the resultant lockdown in todays interconnected world and you have the perfect maelstrom from a travel perspective.

So back to that question - What now..?

As part of Resilient Pilot’s aim to set up a ‘wellbeing hub’ with accessible resources for people to develop their own path, I’ve been asked as one of their mentors to blog about charting my course on this journey and the machinations of turning a business from concept into a reality.

I’m not promising an encyclopaedic step-by-step instruction guide worthy of building a Malm desk from Ikea, nor do I intend to pretend I have a business qualification from LSE. In fact, I’ve never written a blog before. But what I will speak of is some of the thought processes and stages I’ve gone through, sites I’ve found useful and considerations I’ve taken on board.

Of course everyone’s journey will be individual and the pace of development dependent on finance, time and of course motivation. Maintaining that motivation to overcome the expected kickbacks and keep pushing forwards will be key - and ultimately a measure of one’s own resilience.

The unique thing about this blog is that it’s dynamic. I’m writing it as the business moves forward. Unlike a Kindle where you can skim to the end, I don’t actually know where this will take us. But I do hope that it’ll serve a purpose; as a guide for those considering taking the step into building on an idea; as a form of comfort for some, knowing that the feeling of frustration and at times, complete bewilderment with how our industry is at the moment is not unique to YOU- and for those passing through, an excuse not to have to watch Holby City this evening.

Welcome onboard.

Oliver is a First Officer on the A320 family aircraft and one of our pilot mentors at Resilient Pilot. Working in the industry for 8 years, he has great operational and life experience. Learn more about Ollie on our 'Supported' page, and the support he can offer.

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