FlightPlan Revalidations

So, your rating is still within the validity period and you are looking to revalidate it.

Our Resilient Pilot FlightPlan team are here to support you through this potentially complex process.


Please note: funding may be available through the DWP for those resident in England. Click for more details

All prices quoted include VAT at the prevailing rate, but do not include any Regulatory fees levied by the appropriate Authorities.

Fees are correct at the time of publishing, but are subject to change and will be reviewed in November 2020. Prices are per Pilot based on 2 crew training sessions

Licence Proficiency Check (LPC)

from £900 per pilot


The Resilient Pilot FlightPlan Revalidation package includes:

  • 1 hour briefing

  • 4 hour Licence Proficiency Check (LPC) : 2 pilots

  • De-briefing

  • EASA / Regululatory paperwork completion

You complete the enquiry form and include:

  • Details of the licence you hold

  • Country of issue

  • Which aircraft type rating you wish to revalidate

  • The expiry date of the rating

  • When you would like to complete the revalidation

Resilient Pilot will contact you and discuss your individual requirements:

  • Licence and regulatory procedures

  • Date preferences

  • Whether you would like to complete the revalidation with a colleague/friend?

  • Location preference

Resilient Pilot will co-ordinate:

  • With the ATO provider to establish availability and booking of sessions

  • With the ATO, to source leading EASA qualified Instructors / Examiners

  • With the ATO to discuss any special/individual training requirements

  • If you are completing the revalidation ‘solo’, Resilient Pilot will seek* to pair you with another pilot needing the same revalidation to keep your costs to a minimum (*a pairing cannot be guaranteed)

What happens next?:

  • Resilient Pilot will contact you with training options 

  • If you then wish to then secure the booking, you will be asked to pay a deposit of 50%

  • Terms and conditions will be provided for a full breakdown

Resilient Pilot will then:

  • Provide thorough joining instructions

  • Complete any regulatory paperwork and notify the appropriate Authority (as required)

  • Co-ordinate with the Instructor / Examiner to ensure they are fully aware of your individual training requirements.

  • Support the Instructor / Examiner with any post revalidation paperwork and Authority notifications.

  • Continue to provide our bespoke mentoring and support service.


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