Resilient Pilot Mentor Survey

Our industry has suffered a great deal over the past 6 months: never did we think COVID would have quite the impact it has. When we first launched Resilient Pilot 6 months ago, our focus was providing mentoring support for pilots in training or recently graduated.  We very quickly realised that the entire pilot community needed support and we now have circa 100 mentees and a team of 40 (and growing) pilot and specialist mentors.

It’s thanks to our entire team that so many pilots are benefitting from Resilient Pilot’s support.

As you know, we have also launched the Resilient Pilot FlightPlan – which has the potential for further development and a longer term ‘run’.

Additionally, we launched #AvTalent and we now have a core project group working on it.

So, where do we head next…?


Vision, Mission, Values and Culture


We’d like to define our vision and mission: 

Our vision is about the future and what we are aiming to achieve and be known for long term.

Our mission is based in the present and should convey why we exist. Our original “peer support and mentoring for the pilot community” was our original purpose, but as we all know …things are evolving and we've transitioned to 

"Keeping pilots supported, current and connected."


Core Team

We plan to develop a ‘core team’ to help us progress our existing projects and develop more.

We recognise that some of you have many other commitments in your lives, but if you would be interested in joining a project group and/or helping us develop a core team to help Resilient Pilot develop, we’d like to hear from you.

For the moment everything would be voluntary. The small income being generated through our FlightPlan is being reinvested back into Resilient Pilot to cover costs and repay those who have already helped fund our progress to date. 

But we are looking at how we structure ‘Resilient Pilot Limited’ going forward and how we might be able to recognise and/or recompense future involvement.

We’d really love your views on where we take Resilient Pilot next and what your aspirations are for your own personal involvement.  It’s important to us that we each have the opportunity to have our say as to how Resilient Pilot evolves, so we’ve created a short (6 questions) survey to gather your thoughts.

We’d appreciate it if you would share your thoughts by spending 5-10 minutes of your time to respond.


The first section focuses on our purpose, mission, vision, values, and culture, (taking into account contributions made by some of you previously)

The second part of the survey offers an opportunity for you to indicate your interest in getting further involved or otherwise. 


Please could we ask for your responses by Friday 2nd October , midday UK time.


Many thanks indeed and thank you for all you do for the pilot community.