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Wellbeing, Mentoring, Coaching, Life and Performance Coaching, Transferable Skills


Hello, my name is Johanna and it is a real privilege to be one of the specialist mentors for Resilient Pilot. I can’t imagine another pool of folks, apart from those involved in the events/entertainment industries, who have had a tougher ride as a result of COVID.

I’m not a pilot, nor an aviation nut, and my only claim to ‘aviation’ fame is when I spent 2 weeks in my early Naval career learning how to fly Grobs in the South of France. It’s fair to say that the flying was fine, the landing was less fine!

That said, I spent 23 years in the Royal Navy before I changed careers to be a workforce consultant and then a leadership/performance coach. While I was a Naval Officer, I did the usual deployed and non-deployed stuff including Afghanistan and, my favourite, the Antarctic! I’ve also led in some pretty difficult circumstances – when we can have collective beers again, ask me about the ship that nearly capsized in the Magellan Straits, it’s a good dit!

Throughout my career I’ve been a closet psychologist, fascinated with getting under the surface of what makes people perform in the way that they do. Invariably that means I spend a lot of time working through topics such as stress, confidence, motivation and attitudes. I’ve helped leaders pass the promotion interview for the next level, franchise owners lead without Formal or Legitimate Power and dozens of folks just simply get out of their own way! And I love it!

I’m not a ‘fluffy’ coach; performance improvements have a purpose and a direction and we will get there! I’m somewhere between Wendy Rhoades and Doctor Gus from the series Billions….. I look forward to working with you.
Which specialist skills will you bring to the Resilient Pilot team?
Post Graduate leadership experience, chartered manager, stress management, resilience, mediation, conflict resolution, executive coaching/mentoring, group coaching/mentoring, mental health first aider (MHFA).

I am an NLP Practitioner, ILM L7 Master coach and AOEC team coach

Why do you think these will benefit the pilot community?
I believe that the pilot community is suffering with instability, vulnerability and, therefore, stress and I can help you learn how to diagnose and self-manage to preserve your performance.

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