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Keeping You Supported

Our volunteer mentors are all passionate about our industry and determined to support our friends and colleagues across the pilot community. Whether you are a cadet in training, recently qualified or an experienced pilot; regardless of whether you are still flying or temporarily between jobs; our team will provide support, guidance and connection where they can.  None of us professes to be experts. Resilient Pilot is not about casting opinions. We are about championing best practice and signposting useful resources to suit your needs.

If we can't help, we will do our best to find someone who can.


We’re proud to present our mentors to you. Take a read of their profiles and see who you feel you would connect best with. Then complete the form below and we will put you in touch with each other.


Look out for our trained Mental Health First Aiders with this logo.

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Cropped Hands of African Pilot flying a
Aaron Resilient Pilot Mentor.JPG

B777 First Officer

Thijs Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpg

Line Training Captain - A320

Kenneth Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpg

A320/21 and A330

Senior First Officer

Kristina Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpg


Lauren Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpg

SFI Q400/B777

Angus Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpeg

A380 SFO


Dash 8 Q400 First Officer

B757/767 Training Captain

ATR 72 600 Captain


TRI Boeing


Charles Resilient Pilot mentor.jpg

A320 Captain


B737/787 Training and Base Captain

Nick Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpg

A320/21 First Officer

Oliver Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpeg

A320/21 First Officer


A319/20/21 TRI/TRE


Airbus Training Captain

Head of Standards


A320/A330 TRI/TRE


Dash 8 Q400 First  Officer

Matthew M Resilient Pilot Mentor.JPG

A330/321 Senior First Officer

A320 Captain

Josh Resilient Pilot Mentor.JPG

A320 First Officer

Marcos Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpeg

Training Captain and Flight Instructor

Nick Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpeg

First Officer

Rebecca - Resilient Pilot Mentor.JPEG

A380 Senior First Officer

Terry Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpeg

B737 Captain TRI/TKI/MCCI

Sean Resilient Pilot Mentor[1].jpg

A320 Training Captain


A320 /B777 Senior First Officer

Alex Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpeg

Consultant Trainer TRI/TRE A320 & A330

Gilles Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpeg

Training Captain and Management Pilot

A380 Captain


A319/20 Senior First Officer

Fraser Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpeg

A320 Captain


A320 Training Captain


A320 First officer

Resilient Pilot Mentor Matt

A320 Captain

Photo David Houston .jpg

A380 Senior First Officer


Airbus Instructor/Examiner


Dash 8 Captain

Resilient Pilot Mentor and Virgin Atlant

B787 Senior First Officer


Captain and Aviation Consultant


TCX - Door 4L Looking forward(1).JPG

A320 First officer


Embraer Senior First officer


A319/320 Captain

Lee Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpg

A380 Senior First Officer

A380 Senior First Officer

Romain Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpeg

A320 Senior First Officer


A380 Senior First Officer

Our Specialist Mentors
Vicky Resilient Pilot Wellbeing Mentor.j

Career and Personal Development Coach

Sarah Resilient Pilot Specialist Coach a

Transition and Career Coach

Liam Wellbeing Resilient Pilot

Wellbeing Mentor

Espen Resilient Pilot Mentor.jpg

Business and Mindset



Psychologist and CV Specialist


Personal Development



Business Psychologist and Coach

Bénédicte Vliegen.png

Confidential Counsellor, Clinical Psychologist and B737 FO

Wellbeing & Resilience Strategist

Choose Your Mentor

Once you've read through all the mentor profiles, please choose the three you feel you will connect best with and submit the form below. Where possible we will endeavour to pair you up with our first choice but on occasions (if a mentor has too many mentees for example) we may pair you with one of your other choices.

In order to ensure our mentors are able to give each of their mentees equal time, we may sometimes remove a mentor from the drop down selection (eg when they have airline flying or training commitments or annual leave).
Submitting this form assumes you agree we can put you in touch with your chosen mentor. They will then contact you direct using the email you supply.

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Please tick below to confirm you agree to us sharing your email address with your paired mentor. Your mentor will contact you directly. If you do not tick this box, we cannot pair you with a mentor.

Please note: Our mentors provide mentoring and coaching support. 

Our mentors are not able to provide an emergency service. If you feel you are at immediate risk, we recommend you contact your local emergency and support services (for example in the UK you may opt to follow NHS guidance online or dial 111; call the Samaritans on 116 123 for free or click for other ways to get in touch with the Samaritans. Alternatively, in an emergency in the UK you can dial 999. Outside of the UK you can find similar services to the Samaritans through Befrienders Worldwide  In mainland Europe, you can call 112 for support).

Thank you