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Virtual Workshops

Resilient Pilot is pleased to offer our members access to our virtual monthly workshop programme that integrates into our Pilot Performance Programme, or can be used as a standalone resource to boost skills, competence and confidence, ultimately building resilience and enhancing operational performance capability.


We encourage everyone who partakes to self evaluate at the end of our workshops and utilise our dedicated Resource Hub  to  improve their performance over the course of the programme.

We run our workshops at various times during the day to try and accommodate our international audience, but please do let us know if you think a better time would work 

If you are not already a member of the Resilient Crew Room, take a look here as all our workshops are discounted for our PLUS members

We currently run 3 monthly, virtual workshops that focus on the following:


Technical workshops delivered by The A320 Lounge and B737 Lounge Primarily to develop technical competencies

50% discount for PLUS members


Non-technical workshops focussing on developing CRM and Threat Error Management (TEM). Designed for both pilots and cabin crew to attend

50% discount for PLUS members


Scenario-based competency development workshops created monthly by our mentors.

Delivered 1:1 or as a group workshop 

FREE for PLUS members

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  • Technical Competency Development Workshop with The A320 Lounge - Dilemma Situations
    Membership Offer
    Mon, 23 May
    Technical Competency Workshop - A320 Lounge
    23 May, 10:30 – 12:00 BST
    Technical Competency Workshop - A320 Lounge
    This workshop will explore the challenges pilots face when exposed to a scenario where more than one possible, and less than ideal solutions exist; with some unfavourable conditions attached to each solution.
  • Competency Development Scenario 08  - CRITICAL FAILURE UNLIKE ANY OTHER
    Membership Offer
    Thu, 26 May
    Resilient Pilot CDS Workshop
    26 May, 09:00 – 10:00
    Resilient Pilot CDS Workshop
    We have all experienced significant periods of time away from the operation as a result of the global pandemic. This Competency Development Scenario centres around the discussion of the threats of returning to flying after an extended period of little to no flying.
  • Non Technical (CRM) Workshop - Demonstrating resilience when encountering an unexpected event
    26 May, 10:00 – 11:30 BST
    Resilient Pilot CRM Workshop
    A joint workshop for pilots and cabin crew to work together to refresh and maintain key CRM competencies for effective resilience development human performance. Unexpected events can and will present themselves during our professional careers - Are confident and competent to perform?