A320 Lounge kindly share their presentation on A320 Memory Items from Resilient Pilots recent Webinar

Resilient Pilots Wellbeing Funnel Model


Resilient Pilots own Wellbeing Funnel Model to empower and identify needs

We are Hummingbird

We are Hummingbird Health

Breaking the
Stigma with Music

Aquila Jet - Return to Work


This group of presentation talks helps to address three of the issues facing all of us as we prepare to return to work; hidden threats, anxiety & worry, and finally practical advice as to what you can do to prepare yourself.

Mood Food for Pilots

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Prepared by our very own Pilot Mentor and Personal Trainer James, to regulate energy and  blood sugar when operating

Aquila Jet - Coping with Sudden Change


The four presentations in ‘Coping with Sudden Change’ guide you through the difficult processes of what happens in the brain and why our reactions are not always considered or appropriate. The habits we form can help or hinder the path through sudden change. Developing effective coping techniques can help us when times are tough.

Succesful Personal Development


The key to successful personal development as a pilot is a complicated process, requiring many inter-related skills. In this presentation, we look some of the techniques and philosophies which will enable you to take a fresh look at the way you approach your life and career.

Resilient Pilots- Optimising Sleep

Resilient Pilot Mentors Stu and James recently delivered a webinar of Optimizing sleep, you can find the presentation by clicking the image above.

Aircrew Mental Health and Wellbeing

Screenshot_2020-07-27 Pilot Mental Healt

Aircrew Wellbeing and Mental Health are issues which have received intense media attention recently. Irrespective of the immediate reaction of extreme events, there must be a reasoned and realistic approach to managing the issue to best effect for the pilots themselves, the airlines and, of course, the general public. Education and training for that can and must be put in place.

Resistance Training Benefits for Pilots


Prepared by our very own Pilot Mentor and Personal Trainer James, to help make pilots aware of the benefits of resistance training


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