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Breathing Techniques

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Read our tried and tested breathing techniques to help relax your body and calm your mind Use these techniques as you first wake up to start your day right, or during a time of particularly high stress to help calm and clarify your thoughts.

Class 1 Medical Requirements

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View the current EASA class 1 medical requirements to better understand what is required for fitness to fly.

Quench Hydration

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Check out the finding and recommendations for sea farers and pilots when operating in difficult environmental conditions.

Mentor Allyson - Rooted in Calm

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Read Allyson’s intro into cultivating calm within your life and working on your own mental fitness through various strategies and techniques. Allyson is not only one of our specialist mentors but also runs her own business and is a collaborator with Resilient Pilot.

Wellbeing mentor and Reflective Practice

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Resilient pilot Mentor Liam also has his own business as a wellbeing mentor and Peer support facilitator for those both within and outside of the aviation industry assisting both pilots and their

We Are Hummingbird - Our Mental Health Collaborators

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For all thing’s mental health, we recommend our collaborators We Are Hummingbird. They specialise in helping maintain a healthy mind all the way through to mental health crisis.

WHO Guide to

Consuming Alcohol

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Read the World Health Organisation’s guidance for alcohol consumption and how best to monitor your own alcohol intake for health.

Resilient Pilot Mentoring

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Search our list of Pilot and Specialist Mentors that can provide with you with extensive support and a wealth of experience within the aviation industry.

Resilient Pilot - Crew Room Chats


Join one of our monthly Crew Room Chats where we discuss aviation related topics in an open forum where everyone is welcome to join in with their own experiences. Book your place on our homepage

Mentor Book Review - The Power of Ritual

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This Recommendation comes from our Resilient Pilot Mentor Holly. The book teaches us about wellbeing based upon the rituals and habits we have formed and may be able to form to help ground us within our communities. Available online or in most book stores

Facing Industry Challenges

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Mentor Tom Tom discusses in this article how his life has changed over the last three years from a successful airline career to two airline redundancies in 1 year. It’s how we embrace change that makes us successful

Aviation Skill Fade - Captain Martin Bromiley

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This package is about professionals helping professionals, whatever the future holds for us all.  It should be presented as a “me to you” and including personal examples of skills fade & associated anxiety around skills fade will be more powerful. Other than pilot tips this is evidenced and science based.