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Resilient Pilot is proud to announce the launch of our 360° Self-Development Journey, created by crew for crew and designed to help you retain and develop your professional competencies and skills.

What is it all about?

We’ve created two great tools which will be of use to pilots of all experience levels from aspiring cadet to those with years of experience (more to come in the near future for cabin crew too):

The Resilient Pilot Resource Hub and Resilient Pilot Competency Development Scenarios (or CDS for short and because we love a TLC!)

The Resource Hub is a unique collection of resources curated with CRM and information sharing in mind, to help you develop you LEARN, DEVELOP, PRACTICE and EXPAND your understanding, confidence and competence.

The pilots who have helped collate the resources come from all different backgrounds and experience levels. These are not ‘training’ manuals, and the folk who have developed the hub are not trainers; we are pilots who simply want to support others.

So, the hub contains both original content and existing tips, insights, ideas and information we have collated in one place because we found them useful, and we think others might benefit from them as well.

And what about the Competency Development Scenarios (CDS)?

We have put together some aviation based “events” for you to work through with one of our mentors. These are interactive, practical and (we think) quite a fun way to put stuff into practice and try things out – ‘virtual desktop loft’-type exercises if you like.

It might go really well, and it might not! But no-one is there to assess you. The CDS are just for you to consolidate and practice and see what you take away from them.

So, what is the journey?

The 360° Journey is based around self-evaluation - reflecting on your own confidence and familiarity with the competencies. You can enter the Resource Hub to develop these, and you can use the Competency Development Scenarios to put them into practice, consolidating what you know, and helping you evaluate where else you might want to develop yourself.

We think being able to self-evaluate is a skill in itself, so if you want some support in this, we have many mentors who we can put you in touch with to help coach and guide you.

Resilient Crew Room

You’ll find both the Resource Hub and the Competency Development Scenarios in our new Resilient Crew Room. It’s free to sign up and the Resource Hub is completely free to use. Housing them within the crew room just gives us a little more opportunity to monitor what is being used, what isn’t and where we need to focus our attention to continually update and improve what is available for you.


Both the hub and the CDS focus on the 9 key competencies used widely across aviation and endorsed by EASA and ICAO:

  • Communication

  • Leadership & Teamwork

  • Workload Management

  • Flight Path Management: Automation

  • Flight Path Management: Manual Control

  • Problem Solving & Decision Making

  • Knowledge (EASA only)

  • Application of Procedures

  • Situational Awareness

In the past, pilot recurrent training focused on teaching specific methods to deal with specific problems. Now the training philosophy is shifting to “Evidence Based Training’ - training that provides you with a set of tools (competencies) to help you deal with any situation.

We are definitely not trying to train you with these resources, but to provide you with somewhere to dig deeper and develop your own understanding and familiarity of them, to help you think about how you might use them in your role.

When you enter the Resource Hub and select the competency you want to focus on, you will find four stages: the idea is to jump in where you feel comfortable and start rooting around…

  • Learn: Where you will find introductions to the competencies, discover the basics, and build your foundation of understanding;

  • Develop: These resources offer more in-depth and focused ideas;

  • Practice: Here you will find interactive resources where you can test out your understanding and confidence by putting concepts and ideas into practice;

  • Expand: We have collated external resources which we think are interesting, and which you might enjoy reading to further expand your knowledge.

Who will find these resources useful?

Every Pilot - whether you are in training, newly qualified, type-rated or experienced.

We hope that the resources will provide new and less experienced pilots with a place to develop and learn, but we also think it will be handy for pilots who feel a little rusty, to help deal with skills fade, or just to gain some confidence if they’ve been out of the flight deck for a while.

How do I use it?

Just sign up for free Resilient Crew Room access, head on in, dig around, see what you find!

At Resilient Pilot and Resilient Crew we offer free mentoring in both wellbeing and professional development and, whilst mentoring is not essential and you certainly don’t have to sign up to it, we believe that crew using the Resource Hub will benefit from a mentor as well – either to support them in the CDS workshops (which are mentor-led), or to just chat with and offer some peer-to-peer support, guidance, encouragement and coaching.

Who will tell me if I’m doing it right?

A big part of value of what we have put together will come from self-evaluation - your reflections. The ability to review a situation and event and say what went well, what went less well, and how to improve it next time, is key for pilot development.

So, no-one is assessing you but yourself, and the idea is not to be hard on yourself, or overly critical, but to reflect back on where you felt competent, or where you felt unsure, and to ask yourself why and what you can do about it.

Anything else?

We just hope you will enjoy using this, and that you find it useful.

We also hope that you will provide us feedback. If you spot something you don’t agree with, tell us. If you think of something you find really useful, share it.

The more we can share the knowledge and experience around the industry, the more resilient we will all become, and the more resilient the industry will be as well.

The Resilient Pilot Team

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