Focus on what counts

The foundations of Resilient Pilot

Resilience is key in today’s industry; it’s a vital characteristic for pilots and a ‘buzz word’ in airline recruitment and training. Resilience is developed by improving confidence and competence. In the absence of the support of the normal working and training environment (eg. during a period of furlough or displacement, and whilst awaiting employment opportunities), Resilient Pilot provides our members (mentees and subscribers) with industry connections to help develop effective strategies to maintain competency and confidence, and build resilience.  


Resilient Pilot focuses upon three main elements: Competencies, Wellbeing and Diversity.


Competency or Evidence Based Training has been widely adopted by our industry. ICAO and other bodies promote 8 competencies, and EASA has opted to include ‘knowledge’ as a 9th core competency.

Our Resilient Pilot concept focuses on helping pilots develop, embed and sustain these competencies through mentoring and signposting relevant resources.

At Resilient Pilot's heart is our focus on maintaining WELLBEING and helping to encourage DIVERSITY.