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About Resilient Pilot

Welcome to Resilient Pilot, a non-profit organisation born out of the pandemic, we have since evolved into organisation accredited by The European Mentoring and Coaching Council EMCC at Gold Level for International Standards of Mentoring and Coaching Programmes ISMCP. Our Programme offers virtual evidenced based blended mentoring, coaching and competency development. We have a global team of 100 volunteers with over 5000 members taking part in various continuous resilience development activities

We define resilience as ‘the ability to build confidence, competence, and connection through the demonstration of countermeasures that mobilise the relevant: Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes'. We provide a virtual platform of activities and resources for continuous development to help you maintain your skills, competencies, confidence and connections.


Most of what we offer is available through our memberships . We encourage joining our full continuous Resilience Development Programme as we pioneer continuous development in our industry

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