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Resilience Development Programme

Welcome to our new Resilience Development Programme

How can you develop your professional behaviours and competencies when you’re not in the simulator?

Do you feel like you could do with some continuous virtual development every month?

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Join our virtual Resilience Development Programme. Designed to empower you to develop your confidence and professional competence, wherever you are in the world. That’s how we define and develop resilience. You’ll select a qualified mentor/coach to help you identify key personal countermeasures to boost your confidence. You’ll take part in virtual, monthly, scenario-based training with another pilot and one of our competency based training instructors CBTi's. We use leading industry software, Quantum and Flight Path Training which puts you in the seat of the simulation.

The Resilience Development System

Our Resilience Model provides the basis for all our virtual learning and development activities with pilots expected to constantly assess where they are and identify Countermeasures to develop their own Resilience. The total systems competency-based approach is designed to ensure continuous performance-based learning and development aligned to ICAO’s Instructional System Design Methodology ‘The ADDIE Model’.

We have adopted the wide industry implemented Threat and Error Management TEM philosophy as our model to empower pilots to assess both personal and professional Threats, Errors and Undesired Stated focusing on a set of 30 Personal Countermeasures and 9 ICAO Professional Competencies to build their overall Confidence + Competence + Connection = Resilience.

We have created a personal countermeasure framework using the same principles as our professional competency framework. These were created by a steering group consisting of aviation professionals and psychologists to provide a basis for evidenced based mentoring, coaching and competency development


Join our Virtual Programmes

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