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Happy New Year from the Resilient Pilot Mentor Team

Welcome to Resilient Pilot

Welcome to Resilient Pilot - a free, not for profit initiative created to help both aspiring and experienced pilots feel supported, keep current and stay connected with the airline industry. Our pilot and specialist mentors come from a range of backgrounds and operational experience, and provide their mentorship voluntarily. 

Whether you are in the midst of your training, have recently qualified or are an experienced pilot, it is good to connect with others in our industry during these times; either just to 'shoot the breeze' or to ask for advice and guidance.

Wellbeing is at the heart of all we do and we believe strongly in encouraging diversity across our industry.

We also believe strongly in the importance of maintaining our pilot competencies and much of what we do links back to those.

There's a great deal of insecurity at the moment and we don't profess to know the answers. But Resilient Pilot is not about predicting the future. Resilient Pilot is about providing engagement and helping pilots to build and maintain resilience.


We are a passionate group of aviators who simply want to stay engaged ourselves. Using our own experiences and our industry connections we will do our best to provide support and keep pilots current and connected during this time.

Our team of volunteer pilots and specialist mentors are on hand for you to connect with. They provide mentorship and peer support, but are equally happy to just chat about all things aviation. You set the objectives and we’ll do what we can to help you achieve them.

Resilient Pilot's ‘FlightPlan’ aims to keep you current until airline pilot employment opportunities return.

A ‘pick and mix’ training portfolio offering licensing solutions and technical and non-technical workshops to help you up skill and stay up to date.

Our collaborative partners provide access to valuable resources to help our members maintain and develop competencies. 

Resilient Pilot's #AvTalent initiative focuses on using your transferable skills to connect with interim or permanent opportunities outside of aviation.

  • Essential tips on how Pilots can prepare for a highly competitive job market
    Wed, Jan 20
    Resilient Pilot #WednesdayWebinar
    Jan 20, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM GMT
    Resilient Pilot #WednesdayWebinar
    As pilots wait for the COVID-19 crisis to pass, many find themselves at a careers crossroad. It may be difficult to remain positive but if you understand the job market, how people make hiring decisions & what tools you need to get noticed by recruiters, your chances go up dramatically.
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Resilient Pilot's Charity Partner 

Resilient Pilot has selected Aerobility as our chosen charity. Aerobility is a registered charity founded in 1993 offering disabled people, without exception, the opportunity to fly an aeroplane.

We are inviting our members, subscribers and visitors to donate to this fantastic charity through our link below where you are able. 

This is yet another worthy cause whose fundraising activities are being impacted by the current situation. 


July 2020

August 2020

June 2020

June 2020

Thank you for creating Resilient Pilot. I have joined multiple webinars and I am being mentored one of your Pilot Mentors. We have completed a number of sessions and they have been very productive. It has been nice to have somebody to ask for advice when I need it.


Tom, First Officer
(recently qualified)

July 2020

I have to say, I was cynical at first but was utterly wrong. This was an excellent opportunity for those of us who haven’t written a CV in 20 years to get up to date. Version 6 of my CV now being written. Many thanks to all.

A330 TRE

August 2020

Talking to my Resilient Pilot Mentor gives me tremendous energy and motivation I wouldn’t have today without your initiative.

Current Pilot
ATR 72-600

October 2020

Although the industry is still struggling, Resilient Pilot is providing the motivation I need to stay up to date with the industry, and more importantly it’s helping me remain positive for the future.

Ali , Recently qualified pilot


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