Keeping Pilots and Crew:

    SUPPORTED           CURRENT             CONNECTED

Welcome to all Pilots and Cabin Crew

Welcome to Resilient Pilot - a not-for-profit initiative created to help pilots and cabin crew feel supported, keep current and stay connected with the airline industry. 

Whether you are considering an airline career, currently in training or recently qualified or very experienced in your role, it is good to connect with others in our industry during these times; either just to chat, or to seek guidance. 

Wellbeing is at the heart of all we do; our volunteer mentors from around the world are on hand to support you. 

We provide resources for continuous development to help you maintain your skills and competencies.


Most of what we offer is available through our Resilient Crew Room free membership, but you can also opt for our PLUS monthly subscription for discounts and additional benefits.



Together, we are resilient

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The Resilient Pilot Performance Programme

Our team of volunteer pilots and cabin crew and specialist mentors are on hand for you to connect with. They provide mentorship and peer support, but are equally happy to just chat about all things aviation. You set the objectives and we’ll do what we can to help you achieve them.

Our programme aims to keep you current, confident and competent until airline pilot employment opportunities return.

A ‘pick and mix’ training portfolio offering licensing solutions and technical and non-technical workshops to help you upskill and stay up to date.

Our collaborative partners provide access to valuable resources to help maintain and develop competencies. 

#AvTalent focuses on promoting your transferable skills to connect you with interim or permanent opportunities inside and outside of aviation.