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Airplane Pilot Portrait
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Peer Support Coach and Pilot

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Airline Pilot Experience:

Most Recent Aircraft Type:

Training Route:

Aviation Specific Degree:





Modular ATPL


English, Afrikaans


Additional Experience/Qualifications:

BSc Psychology and Statistics, MPhil Leadership and Coaching, MA Intercultural Management and Communication

Passions, Interests and Experience:

Coaching, Wellbeing, Peer Support, Pilot Competencies


Hello, I’m Wendy.

What a privilege it is to fly! I pursued my dream, and now have been in aviation for more than two decades as a professional pilot in South Africa. One thing led to another and I became deeply involved in the topic of mental health and wellbeing of pilots, passionate about peer support and then qualified as a leadership coach.

Through working in peer support I have had the honour of listening to pilots share their stories and the biggest gift I can give you is truly listening to your story, respecting your confidence and finding ways to support you regardless of what you are going through.

As pilots, we are leaders and always under pressure to perform at the top of our game, whether as a professional pilot or someone just starting out. One thing is certain though, we are also human and sometimes we have to navigate turbulent circumstances, often where there is no checklist to guide us. Reaching out and asking for support in such times can cause us to feel unsafe and vulnerable.

What can I offer you?

A coaching space offering a facilitated discussion in a safe space where you can let your guard down, knowing that you not being monitored, assessed, or checked.

An opportunity for you to voice your thoughts, feelings and perceptions and explore how they might be impacting you personally and professionally.

A space for you to develop yourself, strengthen your leadership competencies or explore transitions.
As your coach I am there to listen and collaborate as a thinking partner to understand the consequences and discover alternatives.

As I am sure you are well aware aviation is a strange, unique, and challenging industry and not known for making space for you to be human. Yet, your personal wellbeing and your professional performance, impact safety.

My aim is to be there for you, to listen, to coach and support you as a leader, personally and professionally.

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