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As aircraft become more complex it is important to expose ourselves to scenarios that help develop our understanding and practice of threat assessment, threat management processes and option generation, leading to an optimum decision-making process. Being exposed to situations and practicing scenarios where crews are presented with a number of less than ideal solutions will help develop how we handle dilemmas and improve our resilience if exposed to real life unexpected situations ‘Black Swan Events’.

Our competencies and their effective deployment are the countermeasure against threats and errors that we encounter. ICAO have defined nine pilot competencies adopted widely across the industry as we undergo a transition from traditional training to an evidenced based training (EBT) methodology. Other aviation professional groups including cabin crew, ATC and Maintenance are also adopting competency frameworks that embeds key Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes to improve overall operational performance.

Dr Suzanne Kearns gave a very insightful presentation during our Resilient Pilot #wednesdaywebinar this week discussing the strengths and limitations of competency-based education to innovate training, and a broader initiative to support social sustainability in aviation. She has written a fantastic publication 'Competency Based Education in Aviation' that explores how the aviation industry is moving away from an hours-based to a competency-based training system. For further information regarding Dr Kearns publications visit:

Coming Soon...

Resilient Pilot is developing Virtual Competency Development Scenarios (CDS’s) akin to desktop loft, a tool used by our mentors (simulated crew environment) to help pilots develop their competencies by exposure to virtual multi-clustered events. A key feature is mentee self-evaluation post CDS’s based upon ICAO’s standard competency grading system to focus learning and development by digging deeper into understanding the observable behaviours and building resilience. A complimentary resource hub provides consolidation to enhance the 360 learning and development methodology applying marginal gains theory to support the learning and development journey to help keep pilots ‘oven ready’ for industry re-entry.

Stuart is a senior A380 First officer and Co-Founder and COO of Resilient Pilot. He helps to manage a team of great Pilot and Cabin Crew mentors, all available to offer you their support. Visit our 'Supported' page to connect with one of our team.

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