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    50% Subsidised by Resilient Pilot
    • Mentoring Development
    • Performance Coaching
    • Confidence Development Workshops
    • Competency Development Scenarios CDS's
    • Competency Development Workshops
    • Newsletters
    • Blogs and Webinars
    • Evidenced Based Self Evaluation Software - Quantum
  • NextGen School Teachers

    NextGen Aviator Programme for School and College Teachers to book virtual inspiration activities
    Free Plan
    • Free NextGen Aviator Programme Schools/Colleges
    • Aviation Inspiration Workshops
    • Aviation Inspiration Assemblies
    • Monthly newsletters
  • NextGen Aviator

    Virtual workshops to prepare our NextGen Aviators ages 16+
    Free Plan
    • For ages 16+
    • Free Continuous Development Programme
    • Confidence Development Workshops
    • Competency Development Workshops
    • Self Assessment
    • Airline Preparation Workshops

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