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Stuart Beech

CEO and Founder

Screenshot_2020-10-15 Investing in Staff

Throughout my life, I have always been passionate about wellbeing and 'giving something back' where I can.

Karen (Resilient Pilot's co-founder) interviewed me when I applied to start flight training with, what was then, CTC Aviation. We stayed in touch and have been discussing a potential project together for some time which, in light of COVID-19, needs to take a back seat. From there though, we recognised a need for greater peer support for the pilot community and 'Resilient Pilot' was born.


I'm Wellbeing and Diversity Officer for my airline, as well as a pilot. I know first hand how important engagement with my fellow pilots is at this time and hope that, through Resilient Pilot, we can provide that missing link for pilots; whatever stage of their career they are at.

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Karen Bath FRAeS


Screenshot_2020-10-15 Investing in Staff

I can't believe I've clocked up 30+ years of experience in the airline industry! Even through industry and global challenges (I've been through redundancy twice), I've enjoyed the buzz and camaraderie, and today I am as passionate as ever about it, hence launching Resilient Pilot.


I started my aviation career as cabin crew in 1988, moving into cabin crew management, and training and recruitment management roles. In 1999 I joined CTC Aviation (now L3 Harris) where I wore a number of hats including many years as an assessor for cadet programmes, as well as recruiting DEP for various airline partners. I was also a CAA Accredited CRMIE and CAA Approved TRI Core Instructional Techniques and Command Skills Instructor. Most recently I helped aspiring pilots make a decision regarding which training route and ATO to select and, as they graduate, I facilitated airline employment opportunities.


I now run my own company, The Liquorice Consultancy Limited

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