Meet Our Founders


Stuart Beech

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COO and Founder

Throughout my life I have always been passionate about wellbeing and 'giving something back' where I can.

Karen (Resilient Pilot's co-founder) interviewed me when I applied to start flight training with, what was then, CTC Aviation. We stayed in touch and have been discussing a potential project together for some time which, in light of COVID 19, needs to take a back seat. From there though, we recognised a need for greater peer support for the pilot community and 'Resilient Pilot' was born.


I'm Wellbeing and Diversity Officer for my airline, as well as a pilot. I know first hand how important engagement with my fellow pilots is at this time and hope that, through Resilient Pilot, we can provide that missing link for pilots; whatever stage of their career they are at.


Karen Bath FRAeS

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CEO and Founder

I can't believe I've clocked up 30+ years' experience in the airline industry!  To coin a pun, they've (literally) flown by! Even through the tough times of both industry and global challenges (I've been through redundancy twice), I've enjoyed the buzz and camaraderie, and today I am as passionate as ever about it, hence launching Resilient Pilot with Stu.


I started flying as cabin crew in 1988 spent several years 'on the line' as well as in cabin crew management and crew training and recruitment management roles. In 1999 I joined CTC Aviation (now L3 Harris) where I stayed until June 2019.  Over the years at CTC I wore a number of hats, but of most relevance will be my involvement in pilot selection, training and placement. I spent many years as an assessor, interviewing applicants for CTC's own cadet programmes, as well as recruiting DEP and cadets for various airline partners.


I was also actively involved in the CRM team as a CAA Accredited CRMIE and CAA Approved TRI Core Instructional Techniques and Command Skills Instructor. Most recently and including since leaving CTC (L3 Harris), my attention has been focused on helping aspiring pilots make a decision regarding which training route and ATO to select and, as they graduate, helping to facilitate airline employment opportunities where I am able. 


These days I freelance for a number of companies connected to airline pilot training. Their values reflect mine, but it is clear that there is a need for the sort of support 'Resilient Pilot' aims to offer to those newly qualified pilots no longer in training, and experienced pilots who have been furloughed or displaced.


We don't profess to be experts, but if we can't help, we will do our best to find someone, or something, that will.