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This continuous competency-based programme brings together the experience and expertise of Resilient Pilot's mentors, coaches, CRMTs CBTIs and TRI/Es to provide members with a pioneering, virtual experience that aims to enhance continuous development, self-evaluation skills, resilience and - ultimately - operational performance and safety aligned to ICAO’s standard pilot competency framework.


Our virtual programme offers monthly learning and development opportunities by way of workshops and leading scenario-based training software. The scenario-based training and development (CDS’s) are delivered by our team of Competency Based Training Instructors (CBTi) trained by our collaborative partners EmpowerEBT. Pilots will have the opportunity to self-assess and CBTi’s will observe and grade the SBT’s using pioneering evidenced based software "Quantum' created by Use Before Flight (UBF).

The total systems competency-based approach is designed to ensure continuous performance-based learning and development aligned to ICAO’s Instructional System Design Methodology ‘The ADDIE Model’


Self Assess your Personal Countermeasures using Industry leading EBT Software Quantum

Competency Development

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